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Description:Rugzie Collection

Our soft, realistic and practical Animal Rugzies™ area rugs, play mats and bed covers will put a smile on your face and your little ones will giggle with delight. The lifelike cow is soft, thick and plush. Made by hand from the highest quality, non shedding, 100% acrylic faux fur, this rug is durable and easy to care for. The rug features a cotton polyfill layer for extra softness and a non-slip faux fur backing that is also soft enough for the rug to be used as a cozy bed cover. This large rug has a sweet and playful presence in any room. Put it in front of a bed or crib, use it as a bed cover or even hang it as a wall decoration. The rug is ideal for your young ones to play on, nap on, snuggle with and love. This rug is sure to become a favorite of yours and your child. It comes attractively packaged and makes for a perfect gift. 


100% Acrylic
Pile 1"

Made in China 
Approximately four by six feet.

  • Pig Rugzie: 4'-5" x 2'-11' (54" x 35")
  • COW  Rugzie: 4'-5" x 3'-2" (54" x 44")
  • Lamb Rugzie: 4'-5" x 3'-8" (54" x 38")